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About The No Show No Vote Event

We can't get our representatives on the phone.

We can't get them to respond to emails or snail mail.

The bottom line: We can't get them to pay attention to us.

Democrats like Alan Grayson hold "town halls" that are simply a sham pre-loaded with constituents and union members inside a union hall (with union members as security guards). Republicans like Rich Crotty of Orange County, who is a major player in what a grand jury terms a "culture of corruption" (not to mention hiring his best friend, former senator Dan Webster, to head the committee looking into his ethics), ignore, overtax and step on his constituents.

And then there's all of us... who are supposed to be represented by this circus act, but instead are left out in the cold when they make decisions. How does this happen? How is to possible that we could be so angry - yet end up with the same types of representatives over and over and over? It's simple: ask yourself this question: Did you vote for your side of the ticket in the last presidential election JUST because it was your side of the ticket.

You are what is known as the "Magic 40" (don't worry... I'm not judging you... I did it too). Magically, in every election, about 40% of the vote AUTOMATICALLY goes to the republicans, and another 40 AUTOMATICALLY goes to the democrats. The candidates of either party DON'T EVEN FIGHT for your votes - they just fight over the 20%.

But it gets even more interesting: It used to be that candidates depended on your votes. Now they no longer need you because now there is a machine in place (special interest groups, higher ups in both parties, unions, large corporations, wealthy benefactors, etc...) that feeds them hundreds of millions of dollars to win that middle 20%. So they automatically get 40%, and then have all the money they want to win the other 20%.. if they just bow down and do what the machine wants, not what you want...

Because they know, kicking and screaming, you'll go to the ballot box and check off their name every time.

They tell you lies like: "We all need to combine our efforts behind one candidate on our side of the ticket. If you vote for someone else on my side of the ticket, you're just working against us and it's like you voted for the other side". That's one of their favorite lies.

Then there's the fixing of primaries. This is evidenced in how Jim Greer, head of the Republican Party in Florida, is attempting to fix (in my opinion) the Republican Primary to make sure it's Crist and no one else for the senate. Have you even heard of Marco Rubio or Alex Snitker? I'm not endorsing either one of them, but it should be YOU making the decision as to who heads to the general election, not Jim Greer. The democrats do the exact same thing!

This is why candidates ignore you

This is why candidates, and especially incumbents, are so arrogant

This is why you don't matter

and this is why they have no fear.

Today - all of that changes.

Thomas Jefferson said: "When the government fears the people, you have liberty. When the people fear the government, you have tyranny".

The solution is pretty simple actually - it's not necessarily easy, but it's simple: terrify them.


Candidates care about only one thing: Votes. And they get 40% of the vote without even having to so much as lift a finger.

But what if the machine could no longer give them 40% of the vote automatically? It would have only one place to turn to get votes..... you.

Believe me, facing you terrifies them. This is evident in the way candidates stack town halls against you, or otherwise do them over the phone and turn them into a dictation instead of a dialogue.

One of the biggest problems is that unlike you, elected officials have no real H.R. department. No one to remediate them on their job description or the founding principles of this country. Or, most importantly, they do not sit in the seats of honor, we do. And that they are not public masters, they are public SERVANTS.

Having to actually EARN your vote instead of having it granted to them by a machine will unnerve them and force them to listen to you.

So imagine this scenario:

You.... sitting in an arena with 10,000 of your best friends

The candidates show up and are filed in and must listen to what you have to say - no speeches, no long winded discourse

A moderator making sure there's 0 spin

A well researched panel available to assist you to present the facts to the candidates

So how much will it cost for you to attend? I'll tell you that in a moment...

The event:

Is it a town hall? Is it a tea party? Is it an accountability forum? Yes! Yes! Yes! It's all of that, and much more!

And here's the great news: it doesn't matter whether the candidates show up or not. If they don't show, they AUTOMATICALLY lose 10,000 votes (and then those 10,000 people are asked to tell 1 or two friends not to vote for them for ignoring us and not showing up... that's 20,000-30,000 votes just gone from their roster). If they do show up, YOU become their H.R. department that night. YOU are the honored, distinguished guests... not them. YOU get to remediate them on what YOU want out of them.

Here's another interesting side effect: Smaller, less known candidates will surely show up, if for no other reason than for the free exposure. Many of you may have never heard of. People who just want to get elected to do the right thing because, like you, they are sick of career politicians. This event AUTOMATICALLY gives them a voice.

And when the event is over, we pick up sticks and do it in Miami. And Jacksonville. And Tallahassee. And.... you get the picture. City by city, across the state, we start ripping out the carpet from underneath these lifetime politicians.


ACTIVISM: PLENTY of tables manned by people pushing for causes you believe in. CLICK HERE to buy a table at the event (it's cheap, click it!)

FAIR TAX: A big part of this event is the FAIR TAX - which is a wonderful machine breaker!

GOOOH: We're linking arms with GOOOH - Get Out Of Our House - another great machine breaker!

SPECIAL SPEAKERS: We'll be announcing our list of NATIONAL speakers soon... stay tuned!

Ok, I promised to tell you the cost for you to attend:
The cost for you to attend: $0. You read that right - this event is FREE TO THE PUBLIC

But... there IS a catch (just figures, doesn't it?). The candidates WILL NOT show up if they don't think you will be there. WE MUST FILL THE ARENA. This event only works if you come and bring everyone you know.

Remember - the candidates fear nothing except loosing votes. If that arena is full - and they don't show - their career starts to fall apart.