Make A Difference!


There's some significant non truths floating around about this event..

Here we clear the air. If you have further questions please CLICK HERE to send us a note. Never know... your question could end up here in our FAQ!

Q: What is the event?

A: We're going to put you, the politicians running for office, and 10,000 of your best friends into an arena and force the politicians to listen to you. No speeches, no collecting money, and no soliciting votes. It's the ULTIMATE TOWN HALL / TEA PARTY / MACHINE BREAKER

Q: How much will this cost me to attend?

A: $0

Q: Who's paying for this?

A: donations & sponsorships via our webstore. If you like the idea - please click HERE to browse our web store, your purchases pay for the event. thanks (including sponsorships and booths at the event)

Q: What if the politicians don't show?

A: No show...? NO VOTE!

- GOOD! Even better! Only arrogant and self righteous candidates will ignore you.

- We are asking each person that attends the event to do 3 things to any politician that doesn't show up:

1. If you are not important enough for them to show up and listen to, then they are not important enough to get your vote.

2. Tell at least 3 friends, who didn not attend the event, about the politicians that didn't show up and ask your friends not to vote for that politician either. That's a potential loss of 30,000 votes!

3. Ask those 3 friends to also tell others - thousands more votes lost!

Q: When is it?

A: Circa election time 2010 - just waiting on the arena to let us confirm a date. When you're renting the building at the base rental fee (as we are) the arena policy is not to allow an official rental until within a few months of the desired date. This way if a more lucrative client comes along they can make more money.

Q: Is this just a FairTax rally in disguise?

A: Nope. We are big supporters of the FairTax and it will be a featured piece of the event. We will defnitely rally for the fairtax, but this is not a fairtax rally.

Q: What is the magic 40 and the middle 20?

A: Most republicans and democrats have the same problem with the candidates the are offered: they can't stand them. But, out of loyalty, they vote for their side of the ticket anyway just to make sure the "other side" doesn't win. This means the republicans automatically get approximately 40% of the vote, and the democrats automatically get another 40% - without even having to try. That's the magic 40. In the end, every election is only about the middle 20%. Politicians know you'll vote your side of the ticket on election day, even if you hate the candidate... that's why they don't listen to you. Because they know you'll go to the booth, kicking and screaming, and check mark their box. If we're going to make the politicians listen, they have to believe they will no longer be granted the magic 40. Instead, they must EARN your vote by showing up and talking to you about whatever YOU want to talk about.

Q: What are the other benefits of the event?

A: 1. The first big advantage is obvious: YOU are now the special interest group the politicians must pay attention to

2. Smaller candidates you might actually like, but may have never heard of, are put on a big stage for you to review - no longer are they buried by the millions of dollars their opponents have to crush them

3. The political "machine" (special interest groups, large capitalized unions, lobbyists and party officials that fix elections) is, to a very large degree, broken - or, at the very least, neutered beyond recognition. This is critical - you see, the candidates are used to getting large sums of money to fight over 20% of the vote, since 40% is a given. This money comes from the machine - then, once they are elected, they do whatever the machine tells them to do as they legislate so that they can have more money again next time. Both the "machine" and the candidates have a symbiotic relationship where they leach off each other for more power, control and money. The machine promises the candidate: "do what I want, and I'll make sure you have more than enough money". The candidate promises the machine: "I'll make you bigger and more powerful if you keep my pockets fat". If the "magic 40" disappears neither can fulfill their promise to the other. And YOU become the special interest they pay attention to.

Q: What will happen at the event?

A: The schedule is still being determined, but for now it roughly looks like this: We will have some power house speakers who will fire you up - names you recognize. Then there will be a "remediation" of the candidates which will educate them on some american history, the founders, small government and what we expect out of them. And, of course, your comments, questions and concerns directly to the candidates - unedited and not pre-censored. Obviously we will not be able to take 10,000 questions and comments. The open mic will last for several hours, and we will also intersperse questions we receive from the website. CLICK HERE to submit your question.

Q: Is this a Republican or a Democrat event? 

A: This is a non partisan event. All candidates for state Senate, national senate, governor and local mayoral races will be invited and encouraged to come. Another movement ( GOOOH - pronounced "go") is taking care of the house of representatives - we encourage you to get involved with that effort

Q: Is this connected to the fair tax?

A: Only indirectly. - We will be pushing for it and believe in it as 1 great option to take more power away from the government, but it's not a fair tax event.

Q: Is this the silver bullet we've all been waiting for?

A: There will never be a "silver bullet". No one event or movement is going to change everything. Everyone has their piece to do - this is ours. However, it's going to be revolutionary in its scope and it's going to have a massive effect on the election.

Q: Who is the distinguished guests at the event?

A: You are... as it should be. NOT the candidates.

Q: Will you do this in other cities?

A: Absolutely! One city will not do the trick. Now that the Orlando NSNV rally is underway, we're planning the same thing in every large city in Florida - Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Miami, Tampa, etc... And then, for 2012 - going national with it for the Presidential election.

REMEMBER THIS: We don't work for them, they work for us.